SOAP API Methods using WSDL from Salesforce

1. query()
To perform an initial query against a Salesforce Org.

2. queryAll()
To perform a query against a Salesforce org that returns records in the Recycle Bin as well as active records.

3. queryMore()
To get additional batch results from a query. Default batch size is 500. Minimum batch size is 200 and maximum batch size is 2000.

4. retrieve()
To retrieve data from objects based on their ids.

retrieve("Id, Name, Website", "Accounts", ids)

5. create()

6. update()

7. upsert()

8. delete()

9. merge()

10. emptyRecycleBin()

11. login()
Uses username and password to log in. Gets session id and URL to maintain the connection.

12. logout()

13. search()

14. getDeleted()
Retrieves deleted records for the specific time interval.

getDeleted("Account", StartTime, EndTime)

15. getUpdated()
Retrieves updated records for the specific time interval.

getUpdated("Account", StartTime, EndTime)

There is a limit of 600,000 IDs in the result GetUpdatedResult[]. If your getUpdated() call returns more than 600,000 IDs, an exception EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT is returned. You can correct the error by choosing start and end dates that are closer together.

16. convertLead()

17. process()

18. getServerTimeStamp()

19. getUserInfo()

20. resetPassword()

21. setPassword()

22. sendEmail()

23. sendEmailMessage()

24. describeGlobal()

25. describeSObjects()

26. describeTabs()

27. describeLayout()

28. describesoftphoneLayout()

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