Salesforce Summer '16 Release Short Summary

Create Multiple Calendars from Anything in Lightning Experience
Help us to create multiple calendars as we have in iPhone and other Calendar Apps.

Field Service Lightning

Super Support Team Metrics—Active Time Tracker
Many service organizations live by metrics and fine-tune their team’s service capabilities based on measurement-driven decisions.

Email Studio
Email Studio is a powerful and intuitive tool that helps you quickly customize, target, and send important emails. Create personalized and beautiful content using the integrated Content Builder.

Content Builder
Content Builder is a content management system for creating and managing marketing assets. It’s integrated into Email Studio, so you can add content directly to your emails. It’s also perfect for managing the images, text, and templates that customers love.

Marketing Cloud Mobile App
Marketing Cloud Mobile App for iOS makes everyone all-star marketer right from phone or tablet.

Moderation Controls in Communities

Profile-Based Page Visibility

Experience Supercharged Global Search
Global search has landed in your community. And it’s time to board the smooth flight to the land of searching across all objects connected to the community—all in one place.

Collaboration on Wave
Wave Analytics makes it easy for you to see and act on your business data. Wave’s mobile-first design also lets your team slice and dice data, no matter where they’re working. With Summer ’16, Wave includes new collaboration features, bringing more data-driven dialogue for your team. More data-driven dialogue means better business decisions. Wave Collaboration is going to drive so many data-driven conversations in your company that you might need to buy ear plugs or ask your team to quiet down a bit.

Wave of App Packaging
Allow us to create and sell Wave App in AppExchange.

Wave Thematic Maps
Help us to see reports based on region.

Lightning Security Health Check
Lightning Security Heath Check help you to quickly identify and address security gaps.

Lightning Inspector
Visual debugging tool for Lightning components. Available in Chrome Plugin.