MavensMate IDE installation for for Windows

MavensMate IDE installation for for Windows

1. Go to ““.

2. Select your OS.

3. Go to the downloaded file folder location.

4. Execute it and install it.

5. Open the Sublime Text 3 app after installation.

6. Go to View –> Show Console.

7. Go to ““.

8. Copy the code from there.

9. Paste it in the Sublime Text console and press Enter button..

10. Close and open the Sublime Text 3 again.

11. Go to Command Palette.

12. Search “Package Control: Install Package”.

13. Search and select “MavensMate”.

14. Go to MavensMate –> Settings –> User.

15. Set mm_workspace variable.

I have set as D:\MavensMate Workspace, since I created a folder “MavensMate Workspace” in D drive. This is the location where our local source code resides.

16. Go to MavensMate –> MavensMate API(mm) –> Install MavensMate API(mm) version.


Click Install MavensMate API(mm) version even if it is disabled.

17. Restart Sublime Text.

18. Create a new project by navigating to MavensMate –> New Project.

19. Enter your credentials and click “Create Project”.


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