Process Builder in Salesforce

The Process Builder is a tool that allows you to easily automate business processes using a convenient graphical representation of your process as you build it.

Automated processes in the Process Builder consist of:
1. Criteria that determine when to execute action groups and

3. Immediate and scheduled actions to execute when those criteria are met.

Any change that causes a record to match the criteria automatically triggers the action group.

Sample Process Builder:


Update Contact mailing address fields (Street, City, State, Post Code, Country) when the parent Account shipping address field values are updated.

1. Go to Build --> Create --> Workflow & Approvals --> Process Builder.

2. Click "New".

3. Enter the name and description.

4. Click "Save".

5. Select Add Object. Select the conditions as below and click "Save".

6. Click "Add Criteria". Select the criteria as below and select a field.

7. Select the field.

8. Choose the field.

9. Select all the Shipping fields. Select Is Changed as the operator and value as True and click "Save".

10. Click "Add Action". Enter and select the options as below and click "Save".

11. Activate the Process Builder.