Salesforce CRM Content

Salesforce CRM Content is an integrated content management system.

It supports Word, Doc, Images, Web pages, Power point, Google drive docs and so on.

File size cannot be more than 2GB.

Libraries can be used to share it to specific group of users.

Data Loader can be used for uploading contents.

Components of Salesforce CRM Content:

1. Content: Files.

2. Libraries: Containers that organize the files. Users should be added to libraries to contribute files to the Libraries.

3. Content Fields: Display information about Content.

4. Content Types: Controls the fields on Content Detail Page.

5. Content Packs: Bundles the contents.

6. Content Deliveries: Used to share files to users outside Salesforce.

To enable Salesforce CRM Content -

To enable Content Deliveries -

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To search or view contents in Salesforce -

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