What is CRM Tool?

Customer Relationship Management is a bridge between an Organization and its customer. CRM tool is a piece of software that helps to build this bridge.

CRM tool helps to manage Sales, Service and Marketing modules in typical CRM system. CRM tool automates all the CRM processes.

Below are the advantages of using CRM tool
  1.  Improve your business processes
  2. Automates CRM processes
  3. Win new clients and contracts
  4. Increase profitably
  5. Decrease customer management costs
Some top CRM tools in market are
  1. Salesforce.com CRM
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. Siebel CRM
  4. Chordiant CRM
  5. Oracle CRM
  6. Microsoft Dyanamics CRM
  7. Sophos CRM


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