July 15, 2013

Service Cloud Console Application

A Service Cloud console is an app that is designed for users in fast-paced environments who need to find, update, and create records quickly. It improves on the Console tab by letting you:

1.    Work with fewer clicks and less scrolling
2.    Limit switching between pages
3.    Use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions
4.    Easily spot important fields on records
5.    See records and their related items as tabs on one screen so that you never lose context or navigate too far from a record
6.    Jot notes on each record in an interaction log
7.    See visual indicators in real time when lists and records are changed by others
8.    Solve cases by quickly scanning Salesforce Knowledge articles
9.    Access a SoftPhone for Salesforce CRM Call Center in a footer instead of a sidebar
10.  Chat with customers in real time using Live Agent


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