How to Edit Conversion Rates in multiple currencies in Salesforce?

How to Edit Conversion Rates in multiple currencies in Salesforce?

You can manage exchange rates
between your active and inactive currencies and the corporate currency by
editing the conversion rates. These are static exchange rates that apply to all
currency fields used in your organization. In addition to these conversion
rates, your organization may also use dated exchange rates for opportunities
and opportunity products. For more information about dated exchange rates,
see About Advanced Currency Management.

To edit your
organization’s static conversion rates:
Click Your
 | Setup | Company Profile | Manage
If advanced currency
management is enabled, click Manage Currencies.
Click Edit Rates in
the Active Currencies or Inactive Currencies lists.
Enter the conversion
rate between each currency and your corporate currency.
Click Save.

When you change the
conversion rates, currency amounts are updated using the new rates. Previous
conversion rates are not stored. All conversions within opportunities,
forecasts, and other amounts use the current conversion rate.
If your organization
uses advanced currency management, you can also manage dated exchange rates for
currency fields on opportunities and opportunity products. 


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