How to load data from CSV file to using Informatica?

Repository Manager:

Go to Folder -> Create to create a Folder.

PowerCenter Designer:

1. Tools --> Source Analyzer

2. Source --> Import flat file.

3. Tools --> Targer Designer.

4. Target --> Import from

5. Tools --> Mapping Designer

6. Drag and drop source, source analyzer will be automatically created.

7. Drag and drop target.

8. Map the source with target

PowerCenter Workflow Manager:

1. Connection --> Application Connection.

2. Select

3. Click "New".

4. Enter the username and password(security token is must if you are accessging out of IP ranges).

5. Task --> Create Task.

6. Select Session.

7. Tools --> Workflow designer.

8. Drag and drop Task.

9. Point Start to Task

10. Workflows --> Start Workflow


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