Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 68

Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 68

1. Advantages of Queueable interface over Future method
a. It supports Non-Primitive Data types.
b. Chaining jobs: You can chain one job to another job by starting a second job from a running job. Chaining jobs is useful if you need to do some sequential processing.
2.’You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out’ error 
Callouts are not allowed when there is an uncommitted transaction pending. For example, if a save point is set before a DML operation, a callout cannot be made based on the results of that operation to commit or roll back the save point.
You cannot perform a DML operation prior to a callout. All the DML operations should be invoked only after you are done with callouts. So, make a webservice callout first and then save the request.
3. What is the use of Crypto class in Salesorce?
Crypto Class provides methods for creating digests, message authentication codes, and signatures, as well as encrypting and decrypting information.
4. How to view LWC code unminified in Salesforce?
Go to Debug Mode in Setup and enable Debug Mode for the user..
5. Custom Formatters in Browser tool for LWC Inspection
Lightning web components use JavaScript proxies to enforce that certain types of data are read-only, primarily data that’s provisioned via decorators (@api, @track, @wire). In Debug Mode, custom formatters manipulate the proxies into readable parts. Then in Chrome DevTools, you see the real value instead of the proxy. Let’s enable the custom formatters.

In DevTools, click Settings (settings icon). The Preferences page opens.
Under Console, select Enable custom formatters.

6. In outbound message, if endpoint is not available, message will be in queue for how many hour before it dropped?
If the endpoint is unavailable, messages stay in the queue until sent successfully or until they are 24 hours old. After 24 hours, messages are dropped from the queue. 

7.  What Is Process Mapping?  
Process mapping creates visual representations of business processes. It includes any activity that defines what a business does, who is responsible for what, how standard business processes are completed, and how success is measured. The main purpose of business process mapping is to show the relationship between the steps and the inputs of a business to establish a clear, consistent, and concise result. It takes a specific objective and compares that objective to the organization’s overall objectives to make sure their processes are aligned with the company’s values and capabilities.
8. What annotation is used when Flow calls Apex?
9. Salesforce Inbound API Limit
To maintain optimum performance and ensure that the Lightning Platform API is available to all our customers, Salesforce balances transaction loads by imposing two types of limits:
1. Concurrent API Request Limits
2. Total API Request Allocations

Concurrent API Request Limit is a request with running duration of 20 seconds or longer.

10. Use case for @track
There is still one use case for @track. When a field contains an object or an array, there’s a limit to the depth of changes that are tracked. To tell the framework to observe changes to the properties of an object or to the elements of an array, decorate the field with @track.
So, it is required for array and object.
11. How to Salesforce supported certificates?
To review a current list of supported certificates you can append /cacerts.jsp to any instance URL (Only Winter ’19 Instances will work with this endpoint) – (replace ‘INSTANCE’ with any Winter’19 upgraded instance, e.g. )

Reference Article –

12. Record Type assigned via Permission Set not working in Salesforce 
Default Record Types: 
user’s default record type is specified in the user’s profile. Users
can view their default record type and edit record type selection in
personal settings. You can’t specify a default record type in permission sets.
Master Record Types:
In Profiles: You can assign the master record type in profiles, but you can’t include custom record types in the profile.
In Permission Sets:You can assign only custom record types in permission sets, not master record types.
13. UX design 
UX designis the practice of examining people’s needs and motivations to inform the design of the overall experience with a product or service.
14. ORDER BY Clause not returning consistent result in SOQL
Even if you use ORDER BY, the order of results can vary if there are duplicate values for the fields you’re using in the ORDER BY clause. Reference Article –
15. Your query request was running for too long
[sf: QUERY_TIMEOUT]. Reason [QUERY_TIMEOUT: Your query request was running for too long.]

If the query runs more than 2 mins(120 seconds), the query times out and throw the exception.

SOQL query run time before Salesforce cancels the transaction is 120
seconds(2 minutes). Check the following reference article.

“SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN” in the Debug Logs. Find the start time and the
time of the exception. If it is 120 seconds, then optimize the query.

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