Salesforce LiveMessage

Salesforce LiveMessage empowers companies to engage with customers through the messaging apps they love, such as Facebook Messenger and SMS/MMS—all directly within the world’s #1 customer service platform, Salesforce Service Cloud.

New Service Cloud Bots automate routine tasks, such as data gathering or answering simple FAQs, freeing up service agents' time to focus on more complex customer issues.

With Bring Your Own Bot, companies can easily connect existing bots into LiveMessage, seamlessly moving conversations from bots to agents.

LiveMessage setup:
1. Install the Managed Package.
2. Contact support for Activation Request with Org Id, Facebook Page Id or Mobile Number and LiveMessage Version.
3. Authorize the connection, using the below URL
Above step should be done only after successful activation from Salesforce support.
4. Go to LiveMessage admin tab.
5. Select North America server.
6. Click Connect button.
7. Find the Channel when you are in LiveMessage Admin Tab. Click Edit.
8. Fill in the information.
9. Open LiveMessage app from the available apps.
10. Set your status to Available in LiveMessage console.
11. Click "Send Message" button on the Facebook page to test it.
12. You should accept the Chat from LiveMessage app in Salesforce.

To Setup using Omni-Channel in Salesforce Classic, check

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