Salesforce Adoption Manager

Quickly turn your mobile employees into Salesforce1 power users with SalesforceAdoption Manager. This tool trains and engages your users with intelligent email journeys aimed at driving adoption of the Salesforce1 mobile app and the Lightning Experience. After inviting users to download the mobile app, Adoption Manager follows up with tips that help users get the most out of Salesforce1. It also encourages dormant Salesforce1 users to try using the app again.

After you activate the program, Salesforce Adoption Manager begins targeting content for users regarding Salesforce1 and the Lightning Experience. All emails are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. If users access the email from a desktop, they can text a link to download Salesforce1 to their mobile devices. After users downloaded Salesforce1, they receive emails based on their actual usage of the mobile app. These emails suggest top actions to take and also keep track of actions already taken. The goal is to get users up to speed with Salesforce1 so your company can start realizing more benefits from the product. Salesforce Adoption Manager also helps your users capture the power of the Lightning Experience by highlighting key Lightning features that drive productivity and help close deals faster.

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