Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 29

1) What is the list View In Visual force?

2) What is test visible?

3) Write a Query to retrieve all the records starting with A from Lead Object?

Like Operator can be used.

4) What is the Best Practice to Avoid Governor Limits While writing Apex?

5) What is the best Practice of writing the test classes?

6) Different Types of Change Sets and When to use Outbound & Inbound Change Sets

For Deployment, Changes sets are used.

7) Difference Between Repeat & Data list

Repeat is similar to for loop. It displays the data without any styles

Data list is used to display in tabular form.

8) What are the different Components of Visual force?

9) What Is the Difference between Database.stateful & Database.batchable?

10) What Is Package.Xml?

Package.Xml is used in Apache ANT tool for deployment. It contains the components list for deployment.