Salesforce Console for Sales Application

In Winter '14 Release, Salesforce has introduced Console for Sales application.

Salesforce Console for Sales allows users to access Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc.. very easily and quickly with less number of navigation.

Advantages of Salesforce Console for Sales:

1. Quickly one can get helpful and useful information from Sales intelligence.

2. One can log interaction with the records.

3. We can pin frequently viewing record on the screen for easier access instead of searching it.

4. One can switch over other records using sub tabs instead opening the record in new window or in new tab in the browser.


 Live Agent can’t be enabled in a Salesforce Console for Sales unless Service Cloud is enabled for your organization.

Setup procedure:

1. Contact to have the Salesforce Console for Sales enabled for your organization.

Use the below links to Contact support


2. Assign the Sales Console User permission set license to a user.

3. Enable the “Sales Console”permission on the permission set.

4. Assign the user to the permission set. Only users with a Sales Console User permission set license can be assigned to permission sets that include the “Sales Console” permission.

5. Create a Salesforce Console app and make it available in the user’s profile.

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