Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 20

1. Governor limits for triggers?

The maximum number of characters for a trigger is 1 million.
Triggers call future methods, they will be subject to a limit of 10 future calls per batch.
Total stack depth for any Apex invocation that recursively fires triggers due to insert, update, or delete statements is 16.

2. What does mean by campaign management?

Campaigns usually have one of the following primary goals:

• Lead generation
• Brand building

3. Can we use Bussiness hours in Workflow Rules?


4. How many script statements can be allowed in one single excution of Apex?


5. Difference between ActionFunction and ActionSupport?

6. Practicle example of ActionPoller

7. simple wrapper class example

Adding checkbox to list of sobject records to select.

8. How to sort column or data from wrapper class?

Comparable Interface is used.

9. What is Comparable Interface in Apex?

The Comparable interface adds sorting support for Lists that contain non-primitive types, that is, Lists of user-defined types.

10. How can we read and save body and attachments in Salesforce of email?