February 13, 2013

Customer Portal implementation in Salesforce

Step 1: Enable Customer Portal

To enable Customer Portal, follow the below steps

1. Click Your Name > Setup > Customize > Customer Portal > Settings.

2. Click Edit.

3. Select Enable Customer Portal.

4. Click Save.

5. Continue setting up the portal.

Step 2: Click "New" button.
You must have the “Customize Application” permission to set up and modify the Customer Portal.

Step 3: Enter the details and click "Save" button

Step 4:

When you enable a Customer Portal, the following profiles are automatically created if you purchased user licenses for them:

• High Volume Customer Portal
• Authenticated Website
• Customer Portal User
• Customer Portal Manager

Create a profile and then assign it to the customer portal.

 Step 5: Edit the Contact page layout and add "Allow Customer Portal Self-Registration" to it.

Step 6: Create an Account and click "Enable Partner" under "Work with Partner" button.

Step 7: Create a contact under the account and click "Enable as Customer portal User" under "Work with Portal" button.

Step 8: Fill in the details and click "Save" button.

Step 9: Check your email for username and password.

Step 10: Get the URL from the Portal Default Settings in the Customer portal.

Step 11: Open the URL, enter the username and password and click "Login" button.

Step 12: It will ask you to create new password. So, enter the new password and click "Save" button.


  1. Your user profile is not associated with this service. Please contact your administrator for more information.
    I'm getting this error while login through customer portal.can you provide the solution for it.

    1. Check whether the user is associated with the correct profile...


    2. I taken the clone of High Volume Customer Portal profile and created the customer portal profile and assigned that profile to both user and customer portal.But we are getting same error mesage

    3. Check the user profile.

      The issue is due to that only.

  2. Starting with Summer ’13, the Customer Portal isn’t available for new organizations.
    Existing organizations continue to have access to the Customer Portal. If you don’t have a
    Customer Portal, but want to easily share information with your customers, try Communities.
    Existing organizations using Customer Portals may continue to use their Customer Portals or
    transition to Communities. Contact your Salesforce Account Executive for more information