Heroku Connect Setup to fetch data from Salesforce to Herokup Postgres

If you don't have Heroku account, sign up using the following:

1. Create an Heroku App.

2. Install the Heroku Connect and Heroku Postgres.
Heroku Connect - https://elements.heroku.com/addons/herokuconnect

Heroku Postgres - https://elements.heroku.com/addons/heroku-postgresql

3. Click Heroku Connect on the Overview page.

4. Click Setup Connection.

5. Click the Database Config Vars. Fill "Enter schema name:". Click "Next" button.

6. Select Environment, Version and click "Authorize" button.

7. Login with your Salesforce Credentials and click "Allow Access".

8. Go to Mapping Tab. Click "Create Mapping".

9. Select Object.

10. Select Fields(Don't select unnecessary fields). Click "Save" button.

11. Click Explorer tab to view the data.