Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce

Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce

Einstein Activity Capture adds every email & event to Salesforce.

Einstein Activity Capture connects to Gmail or Office 365, automatically syncing all of your team’s customer communications to Salesforce. When reps send and receive emails and calendar events, Einstein ActivityCapture adds the messages to appropriate records in Salesforce – no manual data entry required. All of the captured messages are visible in Activity Timeline withinSalesforce, providing context for your entire team so they can help close the deal.

Check https://www.salesforce.com/content/dam/web/en_us/www/documents/datasheets/sales-cloud-einstein-activitycapture.pdf for more information.

To exclude users, check https://dreamevent.secure.force.com/articleView?id=aac_add_excluded_addresses_for_org.htm&type=0

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