September 15, 2018

Difference between ui and lightning namespace in Salesforce

The original components that were made available when the Lightning Component Framework first came out live in the ui namespace (<ui:button>, <ui:inputText>, and so on).

The new and improved components, also known as the Base Lightning Components, live in the lightning namespace (<lightning:button>, <lightning:input>, and so on).

Whenever possible, use the Base Lightning Components (components in the lightning namespace). Benefits include:

Styles: Base Lightning Components are styled with the native Lightning look and feel.
Performance: Base Lightning Components are already loaded at the client-side and don’t require additional download or processing. Our performance optimization efforts are also focused on components in the lightning namespace.
Innovation: The Lightning namespace is where components are being actively developed. This is where you can expect to see new and improved components moving forward.
Accessibility: Base Lightning Components are built for accessibility.
Client-side validation: Base Lightning Components include client-side validation when applicable.

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