How to use GITHUB as version control in Salesforce?

1. Go to

2. Create an account or use your existing account.

3. Create a new Repository.

4. Click "Create Repository" to create the repository.

5. Go to

6. Download and install GIT.

7. Open Command Prompt and type git --version to confirm that it is installed properly.

8. Create a Project using IDE in Eclipse.

9. Go to Team --> Share Project.

10. Click Create.

11. Click "Finish".

12. Right Click the GIT Repository folder selected in 11th step and select GIT Bash Here.

13. Execute the below commands one by one. Do not just copy and paste.

git init
git add MySFDCDevOrg
git config "your email id "
git config "You Name"
git commit -m "first commit"
gt remote add origin
git push -u origin master

14. Enter your github credentials when prompted.

15. Go to GITHUB and verify.

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