How to read CSV file in Selenium JAVA WebDriver?

How to read CSV file in Selenium JAVA WebDriver?

1. Go to and download the opencsv jar file. Add the Jar file to your JAVA project.

2. Use the following Libraries.

import com.opencsv.CSVReader;

Sample Code:

String CSV_PATH = "D:\\demo.csv";
CSVReader reader = new CSVReader(new FileReader(CSV_PATH));
String [] csvCell;
while ((csvCell = reader.readNext()) != null) {   
    String acctName = csvCell[0];
    String acctType = csvCell[1];
    String acctIndustry = csvCell[2];
    String acctSource = csvCell[3];
    String acctRating = csvCell[4];
    String acctOwnership = csvCell[5];
    String acctActive = csvCell[6];
    String acctPriority = csvCell[7];
    String billingStreet = csvCell[8];
    String billingCity = csvCell[9];
    String billingState = csvCell[10];
    String billingPostalCode = csvCell[11];
    String billingCountry = csvCell[12];
    String mailingStreet = csvCell[13];
    String mailingCity = csvCell[14];
    String mailingState = csvCell[15];
    String mailingPostalCode = csvCell[16];
    String mailingCountry = csvCell[17];

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