Territory Management in Salesforce

Territory Management is an account sharing system that lets users access accounts based on the characteristics of the accounts, such as geography, product line, or business unit.

A territory is a flexible collection of accounts and users where the users have at least read access to the accounts, regardless of who owns the account. By configuring territory settings, users in a territory can be granted read, read/write, or owner-like access (that is, the ability to view, edit, transfer, and delete records) to the accounts in that territory. Both accounts and users can exist in multiple territories. You can manually add accounts to territories, or you can define account assignment rules that assign accounts to territories for you.

Not only can you control access to accounts for users in each territory, you can also control users’ access to the opportunities and cases associated with the accounts in the territory, regardless of who owns the records.

Territory Access Levels:

Account Access
View only, View and Edit, or View, Edit, Transfer and Delete
Contact Access
No Access, View only, or View and Edit
Case Access
No Access, View only, or View and Edit
Opportunity Access
No Access, View only, or View and Edit