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Salesforce is a sales performance management platform that takes human resources into the future. Focusing on the social elements of goal alignment, employee motivation, and performance management, Salesforce takes goal-setting, feedback, recognition, and continuous dialogue into the cloud—no more clunky human resources software. Salesforce seamlessly integrates our social performance management into the applications where your sales, service, and marketing teams work each and every day, aligning employee goals with the company’s mission and objectives. Performance management has never been more engaging, effective, and simple—empowering managers and their employees alike to work better.

Setting up

1. Go to Setup --> Build --> Customize --> --> Settings.

2. Enable the Thanks Settings.

3. Click "Save" button.

4. Go to any record's feed.

5. Click "Thanks".

6. Select the user.

7. Select the badge.

8. Enter the message.

9. Click Share.