Schema Namespace in Salesforce

The Schema namespace provides classes and methods for schema metadata information.

The following are the classes in the Schema namespace.
  1. ChildRelationship Class 
  2. DataCategory Class 
  3. DataCategoryGroupSobjectTypePair Class 
  4. DescribeColorResult Class 
  5. Describe​DataCategoryGroupResult Class 
  6. Describe​DataCategoryGroupStructureResult Class 
  7. DescribeFieldResult Class 
  8. DescribeIconResult Class 
  9. DescribeSObjectResult Class 
  10. DescribeTabResult Class 
  11. DescribeTabSetResult Class 
  12. DisplayType Enum 
  13. FieldSet Class 
  14. FieldSetMember Class 
  15. PicklistEntry Class 
  16. RecordTypeInfo Class
  17. SOAPType Enum 
  18. SObjectField Class 
  19. SObjectType Class 


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