March 20, 2012

Salesforce to Salesforce Connection

Salesforce to Salesforce connection can be used for data sharing. If an organization is too big and they are using two organizations to avoid governor limits in, to share data among the two organizations without any charge they can go for Salesforce to Salesforce Connection.

Salesforce to Salesforce connection avoids unnecessary API Calls and web service for sharing data among two different organizations.

Step 1: Create a contact
Create a contact of the Salesforce account.

Step 2: Enabling Salesforce to Salesforce connection
To enable the Salesforce to Salesforce connection, go to Setup --> Customize --> Salesforce to Salesforce.
Click Settings, Click Edit, Check Enable checkbox and Click "Save" button.

Note: Do the step 2 for both the Salesforce logins.

Step 3: Add Connection Tab
Add connection tab to the application.
Do the step2 for both the Salesforce logins.

Note: Do the step 3 for both the Salesforce logins.

Step 4: Creating connection
1.   Go to the connection tab and click new button.

2.   Add Contact, Account and Connection Owner to the new connection.

3.   Click Save & Invite button.

Step 5: Accept Invitation
  1. Check the e-Mail to accept the connection. 
  2. Click the link in the Invitation e-Mail.

  1. The link will direct to login url.
  2. Give your login credential.
  3. Click Login button.

  1. Accept the invitaion

Step 6: Publish Objects

  1. Click Publish/Unpublish button.

  1. Select the Objects to publish.
  2. Edit the published objects fields.

Step 7: Subscribing Objects

  1. Click Subscribe/Unsubscribe button. 

  1. Map the fields.
  2. Click Save button.

Step 8: Adding External Sharing related list
Add the External Sharing related list to both the logins.

Step 9: Sharing Data
  1. Create an account.
  2. Click Forward this Account.

  1. Select the connection.

  1. Check Notification e-Mail.
  2. Go to Accounts tab in another Salesforce login.
  3. Scroll down and Click Go button in Accounts from Connections.

  1. Click Accept link.

  1. Click Save button.

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