Bulk API 2.0 in Salesforce

Bulk API 2.0
Bulk API 2.0 provides a simple interface to quickly load large amounts of data into your Salesforce org and to perform bulk queries on your org data.

1. Support for OAuth 2.0
Bulk API 2.0 supports all OAuth flows supported by other Salesforce REST APIs.
2. Automatic File Batching
Bulk API 2.0 simplifies uploading large amounts of data by breaking the data into batches automatically. All you have to do is upload a CSV file with your record data and check back when the results are ready.
3. Daily Limits Based on Number of Records
Instead of limiting the amount of data uploaded daily by the quantity of jobs, Bulk API 2.0 uses a limit of total records uploaded. The limit is 100 million records per 24-hour period.

Salesforce automatically chunks the data for your job into multiple internal batches to improve performance while processing the job. Salesforce creates a separate batch for each 10,000 records in your job data, up to a daily maximum of 100 million records.


Creating a Query Job:

Checking the Job Status:

Check the Job Results: