How to subscribe to Salesforce Platform Event using Workbench?

1. Go to Queries and select Streaming Push Topics.

2. Enter /event/PlatformEvent__e(Use API Name).

Service Account or Integration Account Best Practices in Salesforce

Check the below for Service User or Integration User Best Practices in Salesforce

1. Create separate user account for each service or integration. This will help us to avoid hourly limit like Login Requests.

2. Create separate Connected App for each service or integration.

3. Have separate profile for each service or integration.

4. Give only required permissions to the profile.

5. Avoid giving Manage Users permission.

6. Add the profile to the Connected App so that no other profile user can use the same connected app.

7. Add IPs to to the profile to white-list.

8. Change the password periodically or follow your company's security password policies.

9. Use API Only permission in Profile. To know more about this permission, check

Salesforce does not provide for "free" or "discounted" user licenses for these types of User Accounts.

How to edit Notes records in Salesforce?

1. Check whether Enhanced Note feature is enabled.

2. Click the Note title to open and edit the Note record.

PushTopic, Change Data Capture and Platform Events supported tools

Mail Merge in Salesforce

A mail merge is the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft® Word documents that are personalized for the recipient, who is often a contact or lead. The content of each document is predefined in a mail merge template. Mail merge templates include variables called merge fields where data from your Salesforce records—for example a contact's name and address—displays in the generated document.

1. Enable Extended Mail Merge in User interface.

2. Create Mail Merge Template document.

3. To get the template merge fields, use the below link


4. To enter the merge field use the below steps.

i. Go to Quick Parts --> Field.

ii. Select MergeField and enter the Field name.

Check the sample below.

5. Go to Communication Templates --> Mail Merge Templates.

6. Click New Template button.

7. Select the template created and Save it.

8. Go to Leads tab and select Mass Mail Merge under tools.

9. Select the lead records.

10. Select Documents or Envelope or Label. I have selected Documents since I created Documents template.

11. Click Finish.

12. Check your email for the document.

Salesforce Lightning Dashboard filter supported data types

Salesforce Lightning Dashboard filter supports the below data types

1. Picklists
2. Lookups
3. Checkboxes
4. Text
5. Numeric
6. Date
7. Datetime

Date and Datetime range for selection is not currently supported. Relative date and datetime like LAST MONTH, LAST WEEK, NEXT MONTH, etc. are supported.

Splunk and Salesforce

Install Splunk App for Salesforce using the below URL.

We can check the below

1. Apex Pages performance
2. Apex Classes performance
3. Detect Security Threats
4. Reports and Dashboards usage and performance
5. Trigger Chatter feed to a group in Salesforce

Check the below link for more information

Make sure Event Monitoring is enabled.

Assets best practices in Salesforce

Assets allow you to track specific information about the products and services purchased or installed by customer accounts or contacts Use assets to track everything you need to know about a customers existing products.

While products represent the items that your company sells, assets represent the specific products your customers have purchased. Use assets to store information about your customers' products.

Best practice in using Assets in Salesforce:
1. Assets should be created when Opportunity is closed won. Products used in the opportunity should be used for creating it. Account from Opportunity and Product related to Opportunity should be populated on the Asset. Opportunity Line Item can be used for Product code, Quantity and Price.
2. Asset should be linked to the Opportunity's Account.
3. Use Competitor Asset check box to track Competitor assets.
4. Work Order creation and Parts Requests can start from Asset in Salesforce for tracking.
5. Asset Replacements
When a customer’s asset needs to be replaced or upgraded, track the replacement in Salesforce on asset detail pages.
a. The Primary Assets related list shows assets that replaced the current asset.
b. The Related Assets related list shows assets that the current asset replaced.
6. You can create asset hierarchies to represent products with multiple components, and view a tree grid of an asset’s hierarchy on its detail page. On the support side, assets can be linked to cases, work orders, maintenance plans, entitlements, and contract line items, making it easy to see an asset’s history from production to retirement.

a. To view Asset Hierarchy, click View Asset Hierarchy button.

b. To add related assets or to link it to Parent asset use Child Assets Related list and Parent Asset field on the child Asset.

How to send Custom Notifications to users in Mobile and Desktop in Salesforce?

1. Create Custom Notification Types.

2. Create Process Builder with Send Custom Notification action type.