Salesforce Spring '18 Release Overview

Einstein Forecasting

With Einstein Forecasting, trade guesswork for accurate forecasts at the rep, team, and company levels. Machine learning spotlights the key business factors driving sales predictions, making insights immediate and actionable. And you can quickly address the most valuable and at-risk deals with Opportunity Scoring.

Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring

With Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring, managers can listen in to their sales reps’ phone conversations with customers and prospects and give real-time input. Feedback, commentary, and encouragement help sales reps immediately understand where to improve, where they’re doing well, and where they can improve their skills.

Macros in Lightning Sales Console

Macros are available in Lightning Sales Console.

Opportunity Splits in Lightning Experience

Opportunity Splits is available in Lightning Experience

Omni-Channel Setup Flow

Omni-Channel Setup Flow makes it easy for admins to set up multiple queues so agents can sit back and wait for the cases to roll in.

Add Pinned Regions to Your Console Pages and Never Toggle Tabs Again

A pinned region remains displayed as you navigate between subtabs in a Lightning console app. Customize your Lightning console app with pinned region pages so that console users can view and work with record information on different subtabs. Choose from three templates to pin a page’s header, left sidebar, or both. Previously, this feature was available only in Salesforce Classic Consoles. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Snap-Ins Pre-chat form

Now in Spring ’18, customize the pre-chat form and use direct-to-button routing, automated invitations, and sensitive data rules to ensure you’re delivering a personalized experience to your customers.

Schedule Service Crews

Service crews, introduced in Winter ’18, are now available for scheduling in the Field Service Lightning managed package. Assign predefined teams of workers to service appointments, saving time and ensuring that every appointment is handled by the right workers.

Get Field Service on the Road with Guided Setup

The Field Service guided setup steps you through creating service territories and operating hours, defining your work types and skill sets, assigning your agents, dispatchers, and service resources, and configuring your scheduling policies. You can use the guided setup as often as you like to adjust your field service setup.

GDPR Compliance Support

On May 25, 2018, a new landmark privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the European Union. Marketing Cloud GDPR readiness will address four key areas: consent management, data deletion (right to be forgotten), restriction of processing, and data portability.

Know How Well Your Community Deflects Cases

Get insight into how well the Contact Support Form and Case Deflection components actually deflect cases from being created. Using the Case Deflection Dashboard, get real-time metrics on potential and confirmed case deflections, the most helpful articles and discussions, and the least helpful articles and discussions.

Calendar Component

Organize your events and view other users’ calendars in one view directly from your community. Access Salesforce calendars from your Lightning community and share your calendar with others

Report Builder in Lightning Experience

The new report builder in Lightning Experience is now available.


Custom brand every employee’s mobile experience. With mySalesforce, customers can publish Salesforce apps in the App Store and Google Play with their own branding.

Private Space Peering

Build secure multi cloud apps that span AWS and Salesforce. Heroku Private Space Peering connects the isolated private space network to apps and services in Amazon Virtual Public Clouds that are controlled by the customer.

Platform Encryption

In the Spring ’18 Release, new fields available for encryption include opportunity name, description, next step, contract address, and individual’s name. New Encryption Statistics offers increased visibility into how much of the org’s field and file data is encrypted at rest, and whether they’re using the most current, active key.

Salesforce Surveys

Get intelligent assessments inside your CRM. With Salesforce Surveys, users can create beautiful, easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data using the Salesforce platform. These flexible survey and assessment tools are designed to enhance customer engagement and can be sent with one click. Watch the results roll in on reports and dashboards inside Salesforce.

Personalized Navigation

As part of myLightning, Personalized Navigation in Lightning Experience lets you personalize the navigation bar to suit the unique way you work. You can reorder items, and even rename or remove items you’ve added. You can even add temporary tabs to the navigation bar to access items like a dashboard, list, or record, and make the temporary tab permanent.

Dynamic Lightning Pages

Make your Lightning app and home pages dynamic. As part of myLightning, Dynamic Lightning pages let you control when a component appears on a Lightning record page by adding filter conditions and logic to its properties.

Lightning Flow

As part of myLightning, Lightning Flow lets you build flows with Lightning components on your screens. You can make your flows a beautiful guided experience by overriding the elements of the flow with the design built by your Lightning component.

Save Time by Cloning Sandboxes (Beta)

You can create a sandbox by cloning an existing sandbox rather than using your production org as your source. Save time by customizing a sandbox with a set of data and metadata and then replicating it. Sandbox cloning simplifies having multiple concurrent streams of work in your application lifecycle.

Change Package Primary Contact

The Primary Contact name is visible to ISVs from the Push Package Upgrade page, where it initially displays the name of the person who installed the package in a subscriber org. Previously, it could not be changed. If you have the Download AppExchange Packages permission, you can now choose Become Primary Contact from the Installed Packages page to become the primary contact for a package.

Remove Deprecated Package Archives

ISVs can now request that Salesforce delete zip files for old versions of a managed package if needed for data privacy reasons.

Clear All Reminders at Once

No more sifting through individual reminders. Clear all task and event reminders with one click. The Clear All button appears after you’ve received a fourth notification. After you clear all reminders, only new reminders appear. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Use Web Tabs to Display Third-Party Content in the Lightning Console

Let Lightning console users access web applications or other websites from within the application. Use the openTab or openSubtab JavaScript API methods to open web tabs inside Lightning console apps. Third-party domains such as must be whitelisted in the CSP Trusted Sites. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Gather Feedback from Your Community with the Survey Component

The Survey component embeds an active survey into any Lightning community template. When your community members log in, they have the option to participate in the survey.

Organize Your Community’s Content Up to Eight Levels with Navigational Topics

Navigational topics are a fantastic tool to organize your community’s content for your members. Previously, you were limited to three levels of content organization—a parent, a child, and a grandchild topic. Now you can go up to eight levels and organize to your heart’s content. It’s now much easier to match your community topic hierarchy to your actual product catalog, which my go deeper than three levels. Add up to 25 navigational topics and 10 subtopics for each topic. Each subtopic can also have 10 subtopics. You can create five more levels of subtopics with the API, for a combined maximum of 2,775 navigational topics and subtopics per community.

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