Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 43

1. Custom permissions in Salesforce

2. How Delegated Admin can set Field Level Security in Salesforce?

3. How to retrieve the Record Type which is accessible by user's Profile only?

4. How to query all Validation Rules with object names in Salesforce?

5. History Tracking for Users records in Salesforce

6. Action Link Group Templates

7. Save Hierarchy Level option available objects in Salesforce reporting.
Sales, forecast, opportunity, and activity reports

8. Skinny Tables in Salesforce

9. Indexing in Salesforce

10. Two-Column Custom Indexes in Salesforce

11. Data Categories in Salesforce Knowledge

12. What are Trust notifications in Salesforce?

13. Permissions to Publish Articles.

14. What is the advantage of using JavaScript Remoting over apex:ActionFunction?
Use JavaScript remoting. Unlike the <apex:actionFunction> component, JavaScript Remoting does not require a form component. This technique doesn’t reduce the overall view state of a page, but your page generally performs better without the need to transmit, serialize, and deserialize the view state. The tradeoff is the loss of the re-render attribute and the additional JavaScript code to handle callbacks.

15. “could not acquire lock” error in Salesforce

16. What happens to files related to a lead after converting it?
Files will be in the related list of Account, Person Account(if used), Contact and Opportunity.