Community User Visibility in Salesforce

If enabled, users in the same community can see each other regardless of OWD.

How to upgrade templates in Community Cloud in Salesforce?

Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 41

1. Manage Salesforce Knowledge Permission Not found

2. Article Actions

By default, users with the Manage Articles permission can perform all the actions like edit, delete and publish. To restrict access, first, create public groups containing article managers and then use this page to assign the groups to specific article actions. Using this Article Actions page and Public Groups to manage permissions is only applicable to Knowledge in Salesforce Classic. 

Permissions in Lightning Knowledge are managed via Profile permissions.

3. What are all the advantages of FuseIT Explorer?

2. Retrieve Metadata
3. Deploy Metadata
4. Anonymous Apex
5. Test Execution

4. How to increase Salesforce custom object limitation?

As per the below link, the custom object limit can be increased by Salesforce Account Executive.

5. How to query all private reports in Salesforce?

6. How to delete files attached to FeedComment after deleting FeedIComment in Salesforce?

Feed Item -

7. LockerService For Lightning Components

8. Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit

9. Disadvantage of Quick Create in Salesforce?

It doesn't enforce required fields or trigger validation rules.

10. Omni-channel in Salesforce

11. System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop

12. API Usage Notifications in Salesforce

13. Set Up Governor Limit Email Warnings in Salesforce

14. How to Embed Flows in Visualforce Page?

To add a flow to a Visualforce page, embed it using the <flow:interview> component.

Set Up Governor Limit Email Warnings in Salesforce

To set up Governor Limit Email Warnings, check the below steps.

1. Log in to Salesforce as an administrator user.

2. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.

3. Click Edit next to the name of the user to receive the email notifications.

4. Select the Send Apex Warning Emails option.

5. Click Save.

You can specify users in your organization to receive an email notification when they invoke Apex code that surpasses 50% of allocated governor limits.

API Usage Notifications in Salesforce

When you create a request usage notification, you specify an administrator to receive an email notification whenever your organization exceeds a specified limit for the number of API requests made in a specified span of hours.

1. Go to API Usage Notifications.

2. Click the New button.

3. Select the system admin who should get the notification and save it. Once the threshold percentage is exceeded, a notification is sent once per the number of hours specified, until the limit is no longer exceeded.

Maximum 10 notification requests can be added.

System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop

In order to avoid System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop, make sure the sub query is limited. If the sub query returns more records, we get System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop exception.

Sample Incorrect Code:

for ( Account acc : [ SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Contacts) FROM Account ] ) {

Correct Code:

List < Account > lstAcct = [ SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Contacts LIMIT 200) FROM Account ];

for ( Account acc : lstAcct ) {

Home page component disappears on tabs and detail pages

1. Go to User Interface.

2. Enable Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages.

How to deploy process builder using Apache ANT Tool in Salesforce?

Sample package.xml:

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
  3. <Package xmlns="">  
  5.     <types>    
  6.         <members>Process_Builder_API_Name-3</members>   
  7.         <name>Flow</name>    
  8.     </types>  
  10.     <version>36.0</version>  
  12. </Package>  

This will retrieve version 3 of the "Process_Builder_API_Name" process.

The Default Workflow User must be set before activating this workflow rule

1. Go to Process Automation Settings.

2. Set the Default Workflow User.

How to add Record List component in Salesforce Community Builder?

1. Drag and Drop Record List component.

2. Set the properties for the component.

How to enable Sub Topics in Salesforce Community?

You can hide subtopics in Community Builder. Go to the Page Editor, and select the Topic Detail page. Choose the Headline component, and in the Property Editor deselect Show Subtopics.

How to mention multiple test classes in RunSpecifiedTests in ANT in Salesforce migration?

Sample code in Build.xml:

<target name="deployProdSpecificTest">
<sf:deploy username="${sf.produsername}" 

Omni-Channel in Salesforce

Omni-Channel is a comprehensive customer service solution that lets contact centers push work to their agents in real time. Omni-Channel lets you create work items from your Salesforce records―including cases, chats, leads, and custom objects―and route them to the most qualified, available agents in your organization, all in real time. Omni-Channel integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce console, so it’s easy for your support agents to use.

With Omni-Channel, you can manage the priority of work items to make sure that critical assignments get taken care of quickly. You can manage your agents’ capacity and availability for work to ensure that they’re given only the number of assignments that they can handle. You can also define which agents can work on different types of assignments. Best of all, Omni-Channel routes all of these assignments to the correct agents automatically. Agents no longer have to pick and choose work items manually from a queue, and managers no longer have to triage or dispatch work to agents. Work is served to the most qualified available agent in real time!

Default Presence Configuration in Omni-Channel
When you enable Omni-Channel in your organization, Salesforce creates a presence configuration for you, called the Default Presence Configuration. All your agents are assigned to that configuration automatically. However, you can create a presence configuration and assign individual agents to it to customize Omni-Channel settings for a subset of your agents. If you reassign agents to a custom presence configuration, they’re excluded from the Default Presence Configuration.

1. Go to Omni-Channel Settings.

2. Enable Omni-Channel.

3. Go to Service Channels.

4. Click New.

5. Enter the information and click Save.

6. Go to Routing Configuration.

7. Click New.

8. Enter the information and click Save.

9. For testing purpose, create a queue with the name High-Priority Cases.

10. Go to Presence Statuses.

11. Click New.

12. Enter the information and click Save.

13. Go to a profile where you want to test. Click Edit in Enabled Service Presence Status Access.

14. Save Enable Service Presence Status Access.

15. Edit a Console app and Add Omni Channel Console Component Salesforce.

16. Open the console app. Create a case with priority High. Change the owner to High Priority Cases queue. Accept the case. It will change the owner as you.

Welcome New Member email settings in Salesforce Community

Portal User Visibility in Salesforce

If enabled, portal users in the same customer or partner portal account can see each other, regardless of the organization-wide defaults.