Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 40

1. What is the complex organization setup that you have done in your SFDC implementations?

Territory Management, Forecasting.

2. What is the challenge you faced while doing this complex org setup?

Data skew.

3. Apart from trust IP, IP range, and hours, have you done any security policies? How it was done?

Transaction Security in Salesforce -

Password Policies -

Session Settings -

4. Any challenges that you faced during Data migration from legacy CRM to SFDC?

Data Lock issues.
Data loading taking a longer time than normal.

5. What is the complex visibility access that you have done by using Profile & Permissionset?

Setting Profiles for Partner Users and Knowledge users.

6. Is there any complex integration have you done? how it is complex and challenges?

Integrating Salesforce with Work Day for user management.

Integrating Salesforce JIRA for case management.

7. In which situation you use SOAP API and REST API?

8. For a simple implementation where the scope revolves around out of the box service cloud functionalities, how much man effort required to do the implementation?

Very less when compared to coding

9. What are the pros & cons of using Siebel and SFDC?

No mobile support in Siebel. Responsive UI is possible using Lightning in Salesforce.

10. Is there any limitation in SFDC compare to Siebel?

Data limit.
File limit.
Governor limit.

11. Is there a chance you by-pass governor rule? how u handled that?

12. How did you approach SFDC implementation?

The fundamental step is to ensure the business investment in new software and processes reaps great rewards long term.

13. How did you approach the SFDC solution?

Since SFDC is the best Cloud-based CRM solution.

14. How to design a data model for SFDC?

Object In Salesforce Object Equal to Database Table Standard Predefined/CRM Related Custom Defined by Developer Fields Equal to Database Table column Standard Automatically Created Custom Defined by Developer

15. How you design a data model against the Siebel data model for a conversion project?

16. For which kind of client you suggest for Lightning as is not fully developed? 

More customized application which has VF pages.

17. How many lightning components you suggested?

It depends upon the requirement.

18. How you do deployment?

ANT or Continuous integration tools.

19. Is there a Continuous improvement environment?

Yes. GIT and Jenkins can be used.

20. Who plans and designs the sandbox? How many sandboxes?

One for development, one for SIT, one for UAT.

21. Is there any Complex extensive APEX code you have done? what for?

REST API request from external 3rd party application.