Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 37

1. What is the use Queueable Interface?

2. What is the use of Apex Flex queue?

3. Why objects can’t be passed as arguments to future methods in Salesforce?

4. What are all the mock HTTPCallOuts available in Salesforce?

5. How to write test class for HTTPCallouts in Salesforce?

6. Difference between Clone and DeepClone in Apex in Salesforce

7. Simple HTTP Class in Salesforce

8. What is the use of ApexPages.currentPage().getUrl()?

9. What is the main purpose of System.runAs()?

System.runAs() is mainly for record sharing. It is not for user permissions and field level permissions.

10. How to insert child record using Parent record's External Id field?

11. How to query Knowledge Article Type object?

Object Name - FAQ
API Name - FAQ__kav

Default object created is Knowledge(API Name is Knowledge__kav)

12. Junction object between Article type and Case?


13. Related list in Case for attaching Articles?

Articles - Related List

Find articles - Button

14.Community Licenses

Do your community members need access to:

Reports and dashboards
Delegated admin
Content libraries
Records across accounts
Then you probably need Customer Community Plus Licenses.

In addition to the above, do your community members also need access to:

Leads and opportunities
Then you probably need Partner Community Licenses.

Customer Community Licenses get a basic pass, just like an economy ticket. Customer Community Plus Licenses get more access, like business travelers. Partner Community Licenses? Well, they get way more access, pretty much like first-class travelers.

15. What is the use of Sharing Set in Community?

A sharing set gives community users access to records that are associated with their accounts or contacts based on their user profiles.

16. How to Reputation Levels in Salesforce Community?

17. How to change logo in Community?

Go to Login & Registration and click "Choose File" in Header logo to select the picture from the computer.

18. How to make sure Person Account is created when users sign up for community in Self Registration?

In the Login & Registration, default account should be blank.