Salesforce Components not available through API

Account Contact Roles

Account Teams Roles

Account Team Enablement

Activity Settings

Approval Process

Auto-number on customizable standard fields

Business Hours

Call Center Case Contact Roles

Campaign Influence

Case Assignment Rules

Case Team Roles

Case Escalation Rules

Chatter Settings

Chatter Feed Tracking Settings

Console Layouts

Contracts Settings

Custom Settings Data

Dashboard Component Drill Down Settings

Delegated Administration

Email Bounce Administration


Field history tracking enablement

Fiscal Year


Help text on standard fields

HTML Document and Attachment Settings

Label Renaming for Standard Objects

Lead Assignment Rules

Lead Conversion Field Mapping

Lead Settings

Ideas Comment Validation Rule

Ideas Communities

Ideas Settings

Mail Merge Templates

Mobile Administration (ie, Profiles)

Mobile Users and Devices

Network Access Settings

Offline Briefcase Configurations

Opportunity Big Deal Alert

Opportunity Competitors

Opportunity Contact Roles

Opportunity Settings

Opportunity Update Reminders

Organization Wide Defaults on Standard Objects

Page Layout Assignment to Record Types

Partner Management

Partner Roles

Predefined Case Teams

Product Schedule Setup

Product Settings

Public and Resource Calendars

Public Groups


Role Hierarchies

Running user on dashboards

Salesforce to Salesforce

Sales Team Enablement

Sales Team Roles

Search layouts on standard objects

Search Settings

Self-Service Public Solutions

Self-Service Web-to-Case

Self-Service Portal Settings

Self-Service Portal Users

Self-Service Portal Font and Colors

Sharing Rules

Solution Categories

Solution Settings

Support Auto-Response Rules

Tab Renaming for Standard Objects

Tag Settings

Territory Assignment Rules

User Interface Settings

Web Links on PersonAccount page layouts


Web-to-Lead Auto-Response

Some profile components (standard tab access, general and user perms sections, app access & settings)

Workflow Task Translations

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