Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 26

1. Is it possible to do approve bulk records by email in SFDC?

By Standard Salesforce email approval will not allow this.

Using Inbound Email services, this feature can be done.

2. Is there any limit on approve records by email?

1000 per user license and maximum of 20,000.

For Reference,

3.In deployment process, how do we deploy communities,community-users and it's related settings?

Community licenses should be setup. Community should be created manually.

After the above things are setup, we can deploy community related Meta data components using Eclipse or ANT or Changeset.

4. In real time administration settings for profiles,do we deploy using changeset/eclipse or else do we configure profiles on either sides(production and sandbox)?

Whenever we deploy any component, include Profiles. But when we use Eclipse, we cannot include profiles. While deploying using Changesets and ANT tool, we can include profiles.