Visual Workflow in Salesforce

Visual Workflow allows administrators to build applications, known as flows, that guide users through screens for collecting and updating data. For example, you can use Visual Workflow to script calls for a customer support center or to generate real-time quotes for a sales organization.

Visual Workflow has three different aspects: flow design, flow management, and runtime. As an administrator, you create the flows using the Cloud Flow Designer, which has a drag-and-drop user interface that lets you diagram flow structure and configure how it runs, without writing any code. Once you create a flow, you can manage it in Salesforce, edit its properties, activate, deactivate, delete, or run it at will. Flow users can then run the active flow from a custom button, tab, link, or directly from the flow URL.

Lets see a simple Visual Workflow implementation.

1. Go to Create --> Workflow & Approvals --> Flows.

2. Drag and drop a Screen element.

3. Enter the required information in General Info tab.

4. Drag and drop required fields in Add a Field tab.

5. In Field Settings tab, provide the field properties.

6. Similarly create a screen for child object.

7. Drag and Drop required DML operation element.

8. Map it with the correct object.

9. Map it with the correct fields.

10. Create a variable to store the member id.

11. Similarly for Interest object do the same and create a variable for storing Interest Id. Create a output screen to show the output.

12. Assign the flow.

13. Set the starting element.

14. Save the Flow.

15. Run the Flow.


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