Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 22

1. What are all the relationships available in salesforce?

Master Detail


2. How to create 1 to 1 relation ship?

Create a rollup of count field in Master object. If it greter than 1, we should not allow it to insert.

3. How to create master detail relationship?

From the child object, we have to create Master Detail field and select the master object.

4. How to show trigger error message in Visualforce page, if we do DML using Controller and VF Page?

5. What is custom settings?

6. Can we deploy the custom settings?

Yes custom settings can be deployed.

7. Can we move profiles through changeset?


8. What are the problems involve when we move through profiles via change set?

Administration permissions, Tab settings and Object settings cannot be moved.

9. why we go for record types? why not we can achieve this only through page layouts?

1. To filter picklist values

2. Assigning page layouts to profiles

10. What is the use of Historical trend reporting?

11. Explain about account teams? 

Account teams are used to share account records to account team members.


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