Schema Builder in Salesforce

Schema Builder provides a dynamic environment to add new custom objects, custom fields, and relationships to your schema. This eliminates the need to click from page to page to find the details of a master-detail relationship or to add a new custom field to an object in your schema. For example, if you’re using Schema Builder to view the details of your schema, you can add a new custom object without leaving Schema Builder. The drag-and-drop interface lets you easily add a custom object or new field, and saves the layout of your schema any time you move an object.

Schema Builder provides details such as the field values, required fields, and how objects are related by displaying lookup and master-detail relationships. You can view the details for both standard and custom objects in Schema Builder.

Schema Builder is enabled by default and lets you add the following to your schema:
  1. Custom objects
  2. Lookup relationships
  3. Master-detail relationships
  4. Fields of the following types:
  5. Auto Number
  6. Formula
  7. Roll-up Summary
  8. Checkbox
  9. Currency
  10. Date
  11. Date/Time
  12. Email
  13. Number
  14. Percent
  15. Phone
  16. Picklist
  17. Picklist (Multi-Select)
  18. Text
  19. Text (Encrypted)
  20. Text Area
  21. Long Text Area
  22. Rich Text Area
  23. URL
1. Go to Setup --> Schema Builder.

2. Drag and drop Object.

3. Save the object with details.

4. Add a field by drag and drop.

5. Save the field.



  1. Hi, Sir

    I am ramesh I created one object in schema builder,but it not appear .


    1. Go to Setup --> Create --> Objects and check it.


  2. Hi,

    The created object appear in that page ,but how i can add to these object to my application(it's not appear in all tabs.


    1. You have to create tab under Create --> Tabs for that object.


    2. I got ,Thank u very much sir

  3. Strange question, maybe, but when I try to move things on the schema page they get smaller and larger. I can't do anything that shows at normal size. It is like trying to navigate around a google map, smaller and larger every time!