June 20, 2013

Clarify CRM history

The Clarify CRM tool is a very powerful call center and help desk automation solution that had been a very dominant player in the market during the later part of 1990s. It was then taken over by Amdocs in the year 2002, and since then has been turned into a very robust CRM package that provided solutions from one end to another.

In October 2001, Amdocs purchased the Clarify CRM system from Nortel Networks.

Amdocs further integrated the customer service application into business processes such as capturing and tracking parts and part usage, time utilization, warranty costs, service contract costs, customer history, and trends in items or services.

Clarify is now an Amdocs Customer Relationship Management S/W product.It is based on client server technology which may range from 2 to n tiers.

After its takeover by Amdocs in the year 2002, Clarify CRM solution has ever since evolved to now become a completely integrated CRM package.  This application is now able to meet all kinds of requirements of call centers and help desks.

Since Clarify version 11.5, the following versions were introduced: ClarifyCRM 12.1, ClarifyCRM 12.5 and ClarifyCRM 13.1.

As of ClarifyCRM 13.1, Amdocs changed its name and number to AmdocsCRM 6.0.

AmdocsCRM 6.0 (Clarify 13.1) was the last version to introduce new functionality for Thin (Web) client).

AmdocsCRM 7.1 was the first release that offered Smart Client (Java based client).

However, the first fully matured Smart Client was released on release 7.5 (Italy).

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