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<script language="JavaScript">

function show_calendar(str_target, str_datetime) {
    var arr_months = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June",
        "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"];
    var week_days = ["Su", "Mo", "Tu", "We", "Th", "Fr", "Sa"];
    var n_weekstart = 1; // day week starts from (normally 0 or 1)

    var dt_datetime = (str_datetime == null || str_datetime =="" ?  new Date() : str2dt(str_datetime));
    var dt_prev_month = new Date(dt_datetime);
    var dt_next_month = new Date(dt_datetime);
    var dt_firstday = new Date(dt_datetime);
    var dt_lastday = new Date(dt_next_month);
    // html generation (feel free to tune it for your particular application)
    // print calendar header
    var str_buffer = new String (
        "    <title>Calendar</title>\n"+
        "<body bgcolor=\"White\">\n"+
        "<table class=\"clsOTable\" cellspacing=\"0\" border=\"0\" width=\"100%\">\n"+
        "<tr><td bgcolor=\"#4682B4\">\n"+
        "<table cellspacing=\"1\" cellpadding=\"3\" border=\"0\" width=\"100%\">\n"+
        "<tr>\n    <td bgcolor=\"#4682B4\"><a href=\"javascript:window.opener.show_calendar('"+
        str_target+"', '"+ dt2dtstr(dt_prev_month)+"';\">"+
        "<img src=\"prev.gif\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\""+
        " alt=\"previous month\"></a></td>\n"+
        "    <td bgcolor=\"#4682B4\" colspan=\"5\">"+
        "<font color=\"white\" face=\"tahoma, verdana\" size=\"2\">"
        +arr_months[dt_datetime.getMonth()]+" "+dt_datetime.getFullYear()+"</font></td>\n"+
        "    <td bgcolor=\"#4682B4\" align=\"right\"><a href=\"javascript:window.opener.show_calendar('"
        +str_target+"', '"+dt2dtstr(dt_next_month)+"';\">"+
        "<img src=\"next.gif\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\""+
        " alt=\"next month\"></a></td>\n</tr>\n"

    var dt_current_day = new Date(dt_firstday);
    // print weekdays titles
    str_buffer += "<tr>\n";
    for (var n=0; n<7; n++)
        str_buffer += "    <td bgcolor=\"#87CEFA\">"+
        "<font color=\"white\" face=\"tahoma, verdana\" size=\"2\">"+
    // print calendar table
    str_buffer += "</tr>\n";
    while (dt_current_day.getMonth() == dt_datetime.getMonth() ||
        dt_current_day.getMonth() == dt_firstday.getMonth()) {
        // print row heder
        str_buffer += "<tr>\n";
        for (var n_current_wday=0; n_current_wday<7; n_current_wday++) {
                if (dt_current_day.getDate() == dt_datetime.getDate() &&
                    dt_current_day.getMonth() == dt_datetime.getMonth())
                    // print current date
                    str_buffer += "    <td bgcolor=\"#FFB6C1\" align=\"right\">";
                else if (dt_current_day.getDay() == 0 || dt_current_day.getDay() == 6)
                    // weekend days
                    str_buffer += "    <td bgcolor=\"#DBEAF5\" align=\"right\">";
                    // print working days of current month
                    str_buffer += "    <td bgcolor=\"white\" align=\"right\">";

                if (dt_current_day.getMonth() == dt_datetime.getMonth())
                    // print days of current month
                    str_buffer += "<a href=\"javascript:window.opener."+str_target+
                    ".value='"+dt2dtstr(dt_current_day)+"'; window.close();\">"+
                    "<font color=\"black\" face=\"tahoma, verdana\" size=\"2\">";
                    // print days of other months
                    str_buffer += "<a href=\"javascript:window.opener."+str_target+
                    ".value='"+dt2dtstr(dt_current_day)+"'; window.close();\">"+
                    "<font color=\"gray\" face=\"tahoma, verdana\" size=\"2\">";
                str_buffer += dt_current_day.getDate()+"</font></a></td>\n";
        // print row footer
        str_buffer += "</tr>\n";
    // print calendar footer
    str_buffer +=
        "<form name=\"cal\">\n<tr><td colspan=\"7\" bgcolor=\"#87CEFA\">"+
        "<font color=\"White\" face=\"tahoma, verdana\" size=\"2\">"+
        "Time: <input type=\"text\" name=\"time\" value=\""+dt2tmstr(dt_datetime)+
        "\" size=\"8\" maxlength=\"8\"></font></td></tr>\n</form>\n" +
        "</table>\n" +
        "</tr>\n</td>\n</table>\n" +
        "</body>\n" +

    var vWinCal ="", "Calendar",
    vWinCal.opener = self;
    var calc_doc = vWinCal.document;
    calc_doc.write (str_buffer);
// datetime parsing and formatting routimes. modify them if you wish other datetime format
function str2dt (str_datetime) {
    var re_date = /^(\d+)\-(\d+)\-(\d+)\s+(\d+)\:(\d+)\:(\d+)$/;
    if (!re_date.exec(str_datetime))
        return alert("Invalid Datetime format: "+ str_datetime);
    return (new Date (RegExp.$3, RegExp.$2-1, RegExp.$1, RegExp.$4, RegExp.$5, RegExp.$6));
function dt2dtstr (dt_datetime) {
    return (new String (
            dt_datetime.getDate()+"-"+(dt_datetime.getMonth()+1)+"-"+dt_datetime.getFullYear()+" "));
function dt2tmstr (dt_datetime) {
    return (new String (




<form name="tstest">

<input type="Text" name="timestamp" value="">
    <a href="javascript:show_calendar('document.tstest.timestamp', document.tstest.timestamp.value);">
        <img src="cal.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="Click Here to Pick up the timestamp">




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