Salesforce Interview questions with answers

1. What is the difference between Lookup Relationship and Master-Detail Relationship?

Master – Detail Relationship :

1. We cannot create master – detail relationship type fields directly if records already exists. Instead we have to first create Look up fields then fill all the records with that lookup filed. After that we can convert the lookup fields to master – detail relationship.
2. If we delete master records then detail (Child) records are deleted.
3. It creates the parent(master) child(Detail) relationship between objects.

Look up relationship :

1. Look up relationship creates relations between two objects.
2. If we delete any object then other object is not deleted 

2. Where is the view Account hierarchy link?

3. Define Account Hierarchy?

Account hierarchy defines the Hierarchy of accounts. It is displayed in tree structure.

4. Where can you make a field required?

1.      During creation of field
2.      Page layouts
3.      Validation rules

5. What type of Workflow Alerts are there?

1.      Email Alert
2.      Outbound Message
3.      Task
4.      Field Update

6. What is Dataloader?

The Data Loader is an easy to use graphical tool that helps you to get your data into Salesforce objects. The Data Loader can also be used to extract data from database objects into any of the destinations mentioned above. You can even use the Data Loader to perform bulk deletions by exporting the ID fields for the data you wish to delete and using that source to specify deletions through the Data Loader.

7. What is the difference between Profiles and Roles in

Roles controls record level access.
Profiles controls object level access.

8. Validation Rules, What are they use for in Salesforce?

Validation rules are used to maintain data format and consistency.

9. True or False? If you were to delete a record that had a lookup to a child object, all child object records would get deleted as well.