July 3, 2012

Salesforce certification practice exam

1. A company wishes to deploy a custom build application on Force.com
platform, what license would the users need access the application?
(Choose any that apply)
a. Chatter
b. Salesforce platform
c. Salesforce
d. Force.com free edition

2. A company is using Chatter for their internal communication. They wish to
give a user access to the account object. If he is a Chatter user what things
should be done to give him access?
a. Assign a separate profile for him
b. Make the normal user his manager
c. It cannot be done

3. The users with the Salesforce platform license can access the CRM
a. True
b. False

4. If the actors who will be using the applications are not determined before
the creation of application, which of the following will happen? Select any
two choices.
a. We will be unable to create reports and dashboards
b. Unauthorized users can access sensitive data
c. There will be no room for scaling the application to large users

5. The library needs to make all records of an object visible to all users when
it is in 'Approved' status. The records are created with 'New' status and are
only visible to a select set of users.
How will a user implement this?
a. Set the object level sharing to private, add a workflow rule to update
the sharing rule when status changes
b. Set the object level sharing to public read-only; restrict the sharing
when status is 'New'
c. Set the object level sharing to private, create a public group with
appropriate users, modify manual sharing to public group based
on status
d. Create role hierarchy, modify the user profiles when status changes


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