Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 49

1. What is a Mashup?

2. What is JSON?

3. Streaming API

4. Salesforce APIs and supported formats

5. What is a PushTopic?

6. What is WSDL?

7. SOAP API Methods using WSDL from Salesforce

8. Difference between SOAP and REST APIs

9. HTTP Methods available in Salesforce

10. What is the use of done attribute in Salesforce REST API response?

11. What is the Chatter REST API?

12. Lock Contention

13. How to limit maximum number of characters that can be typed into ui:inputText and other input fields in Lightning Components?

14. Cross-Org Adapter for Salesforce Connect

15. Continuation Class

Use the Continuation class to make callouts asynchronously to a SOAP or REST Web service.

16. How to avoid or reduce SOQLs in Salesforce?


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