Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 45

1. Performance Testing in Salesforce

2. PK Chunking in Salesforce

3. Divisions in Salesforce

4. Community user unable view articles?

a. Check the Article type access to community user profile.
b. Make sure articles are shared to customer or partner or just Internal App.

5. How to create Global Picklist Value Sets from existing pick list field in Salesforce?

6. Default Values formula in Picklist Fields Salesforce

7. Session-Based Permission Sets in Salesforce

8. Chatter Streams in Salesforce

9. Grant Access Using Hierarchies in Public Group in Salesforce

10. Dynamic Apex

11. JavaScript in Strict Mode

12. Are CRUD and FLS considered in Lightning component?

No. Visualforce enforces the active user’s CRUD and FLS permissions when a page renders a Salesforce object. Lightning doesn’t do any client-side authorization, so it doesn’t respect these

permissions. The following code shows data to all users, even those who aren’t authorized to see it.

<b>Hello <i>{!v.User.FirstName}</i>.</b>

13. How to use JAVASCRIPT file stored in Static Resources in custom Lightning component?

14. {! } and {# } delimiters in Salesforce Lightning

15. force:createRecord in Salesforce Lightning

16. How does Platform events trigger fire?

Unlike triggers on standard or custom objects, triggers on platform events don’t execute in the same Apex transaction as the one that published the event. The trigger runs asynchronously in its own process under the Automated Process entity. As a result, there might be a delay between when an event is published and when the trigger processes the event. Also, debug logs corresponding to the trigger execution are created by Automated Process. System fields, such as CreatedById and LastModifiedById, reference the Automated Process entity.


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