Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 41

1. Manage Salesforce Knowledge Permission Not found

2. Article Actions

By default, users with the Manage Articles permission can perform all the actions like edit, delete and publish. To restrict access, first, create public groups containing article managers and then use this page to assign the groups to specific article actions. Using this Article Actions page and Public Groups to manage permissions is only applicable to Knowledge in Salesforce Classic. 

Permissions in Lightning Knowledge are managed via Profile permissions.

3. What are all the advantages of FuseIT Explorer?

2. Retrieve Metadata
3. Deploy Metadata
4. Anonymous Apex
5. Test Execution

4. How to increase Salesforce custom object limitation?

As per the below link, the custom object limit can be increased by Salesforce Account Executive.

5. How to query all private reports in Salesforce?

6. How to delete files attached to FeedComment after deleting FeedIComment in Salesforce?

Feed Item -

7. LockerService For Lightning Components

8. Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit

9. Disadvantage of Quick Create in Salesforce?

It doesn't enforce required fields or trigger validation rules.

10. Omni-channel in Salesforce

11. System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop

12. API Usage Notifications in Salesforce

13. Set Up Governor Limit Email Warnings in Salesforce

14. How to Embed Flows in Visualforce Page?

To add a flow to a Visualforce page, embed it using the <flow:interview> component.


  1. Hi Magulan,

    I have confusion in Enable Streaming API in user interface. I Searched in google( and tried with many sites. But, i couldn't able to understood the streaming api.
    Could you please explain me, what are the changes going to happen if enable or disable the streaming api with a clear screen shots.
    Please take it as my personal request.

    Thanking you
    Sravan Kumar

    1. Check this -