Salesforce My Domain Pros and Cons

Can I rename or remove my custom domain name?
We can’t change our custom domain name, or reverse its deployment, once deployed. If we have a special need to change it, we have to contact Salesforce Customer Support.

After we deploy our domain, it's activated immediately and requests with the original URL are redirected to our new domain. Only Salesforce Customer Support can disable or change our domain name after it's deployed.

My Domain is required before we can use these Salesforce features:
1. Single sign-on (SSO) with external identity providers

2. Social sign-on with authentication providers, such as Google and Facebook

3. Lightning components in Lightning component tabs, Lightning Pages, the Lightning App Builder, or standalone apps

Can we have multiple domains?
We can have multiple domains and custom URLs only for Site, and Communities but not for logging into Salesforce.

Currently only one My Domain is allowed per organization. Multiple custom domains are possible by CNAME'ing a Site to each specific custom domain.

Can we have alias for domains?
Alias are possible by CNAME'ing a Site to each specific custom domain. It is not supported for Salesforce login.


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