What is the difference between LastModifiedDate and SystemModStamp?

Let’s recap what LastModifiedDate and SystemModStamp dates are. They are both system fields that store date and time values for each record.

LastModifiedDate is automatically updated whenever a user creates or updates the record. LastModifiedDate can be imported with any back-dated value if your business requires preserving original timestamps when migrating data into Salesforce.

SystemModStamp is strictly read-only. Not only is it updated when a user updates the record, but also when automated system processes update the record. Because of this behavior, it creates a difference in stored value where ‘LastModifiedDate <= SystemModStamp’ but never ‘LastModifiedDate > SystemModStamp’.

So, how does this affect performance of a SOQL query? Under the hood, the SystemModStamp is indexed, but LastModifiedDate is not.


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