To add data to custom setting fields:

1. Click Setup --> Develop --> Custom Settings, then click Manage next to a custom setting. Or from the detail page for a custom setting, click Manage.

 2. Click New or Edit next to an existing data set.

 3. Add or change data.
  1. For custom settings that are lists:
    1. Specify or change the name for the data set. This name is used by Apex, formula fields, and so on.
    2. Enter or change data for all fields.
    3. Click Save.
    For custom settings that are hierarchies:
    1. For the default organization level values, enter or change the data for the fields. The default organization location is automatically populated.
    2. For profile or user level values, select either Profile or User from the Location picklist. Enter the name of the profile or user, or use the lookup dialog search. Then enter or change the data for the fields.
    3. Click Save.

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