Geolocation field in Salesforce

The Geolocation custom field allows you to create a field that identifies a location by its latitude and longitude. You can then use the Geolocation field with the DISTANCE and GEOLOCATION formula functions to calculate distances between locations.

Limitations of Geolocation Field:
  1. Geolocation is a compound field that counts toward your organization’s limits as three custom fields: one for latitude, one for longitude, and one for internal use.
  2. History tracking is not available for geolocation fields.
  3. Geolocation fields are not supported in custom settings.
  4. Geolocation fields are not available in reports, dashboards, validation rules, Visual Workflow, or workflow and approvals.
  5. Geolocation fields cannot be searched.
  6. Geolocation fields are not available in Schema Builder.
  7. DISTANCE and GEOLOCATION formula functions are available only when creating formula fields and in Visual Workflow.
  8. Geolocation is supported in Apex only through SOQL queries, and only at the component level.


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