Pie chart using Apex in Salesforce

Visualforce Page:

<apex:page controller="Graph" >
<apex:chart height="250" width="350" data="{!pieData}"> 
<apex:pieSeries dataField="data" labelField="name"/> 
<apex:legend position="right"/> 
<apex:outputText value="{!temp1}"/>


public with sharing class Graph 
public List<PieWedgeData> getPieData() 
List<PieWedgeData> data = new List<PieWedgeData>();
List<Member__c> memb = new List<Member__c>();  

String sql = 'SELECT Name, Year_s_Of_Experience__c FROM Member__c';
memb = Database.Query(sql);
for(Member__c temp:memb)
data.add(new PieWedgeData(temp.Name,temp.Year_s_Of_Experience__c));
return data;  

// Wrapper class  
public class PieWedgeData 
public String name { get; set; }  
public Decimal data { get; set; }  

public PieWedgeData(String name, Decimal data) 
this.name = name;  
this.data = data;  



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