DEV 401 topics to concentrate

  • Security controls (also learn about criteria based sharing)
  • Profiles
  • object level permissions
  • Field level permissions
  • Record level permissions
  • Record level access
  • Role hierarchy
  • Reports
  • How are objects related to reports?
  • Type of dashboard to component to use per case scenarios
  • What can be done with custom report types?
  • Analytic Snapshots
  • Workflows
  • Parallel approval
  • Approval process
  • Use case for time triggered actions
  • Limitations of data loader on importing standard, custom objects
  • Features of the data loader
  • Sidebar feature how are items added
  • User objects

  • Types of relationships including hierarchal
  • Use case on best relationship to use
  • Use case for using Visualforce and Apex
  • Sites
  • Encrypted Fields
  • External ID fields
  • System Fields
  • Formula fields
  • Console
  • Page layouts & Mini page layouts
  • Record Ids
  • Process Visualizer
  • Multiple currencies

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